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Ordering FAQ

Q: Which currency is your site displayed in?

A: All prices on our site are displayed in Canadian Dollars.

Q: Do you offer discount codes? 

A: To find current discount codes or coupons, follow us on ELR, Instagram & Facebook. We post about upcoming sales and other related topics on those platforms.

Q:  What payment options do you have?

A:  Currently you can only pay by bank  E-transfer.

Q:  How do I do an E-transfer?

A:  You log onto your online banking.  Look for a link called e-transfer.  You will need to set up Paragon as your payee.  Use our email address sales@paragonflavours.com  then you will be asked to make a secret question for us to answer to get the money transfer.  Make the question - What is your business?  Make the answer  Paragon  Now you are all set. Follow the prompts and you're done. Here is a link to help out and answer any questions.

Q: Do you offer your flavourings in sizes larger than what is advertised on your site?

A: We can certainly accommodate larger order requirements. If you see a flavour that you need, but the size that you are looking for is not available on the site, email us at admin@paragonflavours.com . 

 Q: Can I change an order once it's been placed?

A: No **Please review all orders carefully before proceeding to the checkout page** We have a strict policy on order editing. We are unable to edit the items on your order once your order has been placed. If you need help, you can always contact our support team at admin@paragonflavours.com. If your order has not reached it's final stages of processing, we may be able to cancel your original order and issue a refund. At that point, you may place a new order with all of the items you wish to purchase.  We recommend using our wish list option on our site for easy re-order. Just click on the heart beside the product and it will be saved in your wish list across devices.