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New to making your own E-juice? Start Here.

Welcome to Paragon Flavours.  If you want information about nicotine please email or call us local (604)425-2131 or Toll Free 1(844)222-0738.  We are so glad that you have stopped by in your search for information and supplies to start mixing your own e-juice.

First of all we do recommend that you start with a couple of recipes that you think you might like.  If you haven't already go check out, or Vaping Underground, and sign up for free or just browse. There you will find all sorts of resources like this and if you like you can join for free and ask questions, find new recipes and learn a lot from the forum. Another great group we suggest is the Canadian DIY e-juicers or CAN DIY E-Liquid HQ on Facebook. So many helpful fellow vapers there to help out with absolutely any questions about DIY that you may have and they love to share awesome recipes. 

So are you ready to start DIY for yourself? For our New to DIY Starter Kit we suggest choosing between 10 - 15 flavours of your choice in 10 mL or 30 mL sizes. This way you aren't spending a whole lot on a flavour that you may not like.  Find a recipe or two that you would like to try and go from there.

Then get:

250mL bottle of PG (click on the links and they will take you right to our products)

250-500 mL bottle of VG

Nicotine (unflavoured base mix) Please call for information 604-425-2131

10 - 15 30 mL dropper bottles to put your fresh made e-juice into 

Most beginners will not have scales to measure by weight so recipes are also listed in volume so syringes can be used.

Start with a couple of 1mL syringes , 6mL syringes and 10mL syringes and then get three each of the 14 gauge and 16 gauge needle tips

One 60mL syringe with a catheter tip is VERY useful for withdrawing VG because of its viscosity. 

Now go and place your order! Depending on the flavours you choose, your order should come in at around $80.00 - $100.  Premixed e-juice is quite expensive as you know, so welcome to DIY and once you master the mixing, you'll be saving money!