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Flavours from Capella Flavor Drops.

Zero Fats, Calories, Sodium or Sweeteners.  Guilt free eating and drinking.
Capella Flavour Drops empower you to create sugar free and low-calorie drink and food alternatives.  

The ultra low calorie diet solution for dieters, vegans and diabetics. Many people are enjoying the benefits of a low calorie diet. Capella Flavor Drops are a tasty way to help you maintain your calorie limit. Capella Flavor Drops are also HCG Diet friendly. Many HCG dieters and HCG diet websites sell Capella products. If you are on a restricted diet for medical or other reasons, our Flavor Drops can create a wide variety of meal and beverage options to help keep recipes fresh and satisfying. Our gluten and sugar free flavourings are perfect for Vegans because they contain no animal sourced ingredients of any kind. Diabetics are using our products to flavour a huge range of healthy low glycemic drinks, recipes and foods. When we reduce the amount of sugar and fat we consume, we feel and look better. Eat and drink guilt free with Capella Flavor Drops.

Attention e-juice DIY ers:  Click on this link to find out more about  A/P status

Due to the popular request of removing Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl (AKA A/P) from their flavor formulations they have reviewed and begun the reformulation processes.