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So, how do I use these food flavourings?

Posted by Lisa Orcutt on

There are two main uses for the flavourings that we sell at Paragon. The first use is for e-juices for vaping. The second is for adding extra flavours to food and drinks. In this short blog post, we will quickly go over how to use these flavourings in food and drink.

Taste is very subjective. What one person might like, another might hate. When using food flavourings, start off with a small amount - you can always add more if needed, but it's hard to tone down if you use too much.

Personally, our staff love using the flavourings in carbonated beverages and smoothies. For example, here in Canada we don't regularly have Vanilla Coke in stores. We've found that adding 1mL of vanilla flavouring to a 751mL bottle of cola adds just enough flavour to simulate Vanilla Coke. Simply measure out 1mL of flavouring, add to your beverage and stir gently. As stated - everyone's taste buds are different! You may want to add more or less flavouring than we do. That's where you get to be creative.

In the descriptions of our products, they all state "This is a concentrated flavouring. Dilute with PG/VG before use". This only applies if you are using the flavourings in e-juices. If you are using them for food or beverages, there is no need to dilute before adding them to your food or drink. Do keep in mind that they are very concentrated, and you don't need to use much to make a big impact.

We will be regularly posting recipes using the flavourings that we sell. Keep an eye on this blog for future posts with helpful information and delicious recipes!


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