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More fun ways to use these concentrated flavours

Lisa Orcutt food recipes

So you’ve received these flavour concentrates and are wondering hmmm what do I do with them?  Well use your imagination and I am confident that you will find a good use for them all!

 I like to "test" flavours in whipped cream, or a glass of water.  Just add one drop and then you can get the idea.

I have a morning favorite and that is my French Vanilla flavoured coffee.  Or hazelnut, or caramel, or Irish cream etc. I used to by the International Delight cream at the grocery store, but I found that stuff to be very expensive and full of sugar. I like to add 5 drops of French Vanilla concentrate straight into my morning coffee or I’ll add a teaspoon to a 1-liter container of half and half cream and then I can pour that into my coffee or have it on blueberries or strawberries for my breakfast. Added to a smoothie is great too. Less all that sugar!!!!


Another really fun idea is to add 10 drops of raspberry concentrate to homemade butter icing and spread that on a vanilla cake.  Wow, is that yummy! Oh and orange concentrate in chocolate frosting tastes so good too and butterscotch and mint and well just about any kind.


I added 5 drops of hazelnut concentrate to my banana bread and had the taste of nuts without the nuts!  Take plain greek yogurt and make it any flavor you like. (I tried the watermelon candy concentrate and that’s my favorite now.) Milkshakes can be whatever flavour you like! I like to use the exotic fruit flavours like Mango or Kiwi or Acai Berry. Or if you want to spruce up a white cake, add some Strawberry Cream-cheese flavour or Bavarian Cream!!!!


Water is boring to me so I add 5 drops concentrate to a big glass of water.  Less is more with these flavors, so start out sparingly and add as you go!


If you like flavored vodka or rum etc. you can add these concentrates to those as well!  I buy one bottle of vodka now and can make all the flavors I like. Beer home brewers, you can add lemon, apple, grapefruit etc.  The possibilities are endless.


As you can see there are many uses for these concentrates! Baking, Candy-making, hot and cold beverages of any kind and the biggest consumers now are the electronic cigarette users.  The flavourings we sell are all FDA certified and approved for inhalation and all culinary uses. Come browse our website  you'll be glad you did.


Use your imagination, have fun with the flavours and I know you won’t be disappointed.

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